Clueless (1995) “He does dress better than I do, what would I bring to the relationship?”

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my dad just emailed the soccer team “we’re giving you the week off, go outside and enjoy the spring weather” and 1:probably and indirect at me 2: he hasn’t been outsdie in forty years



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gotta brush my teeth gotta floss gotta take off my makeup gotta put on pajamas gotta go to bed gotta get up not gonna happen

this guy made plans w me (bc i can’t say no) to see grand Budapest hotel w him but i eep telling him it’s rated R and they’re not gonna let us in and he keeps on saying like “oh it’s alright” and i don’t wanna hang out with him im just gonna say i have passover stuff


Thinking happy thoughts (indoor recess, Derek Jeter and the New York Yankees, but certainly not his mother’s tuna casserole) before his Update appearance.

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u can tell thats an old picture bc i cant do that w my hair anymore there’s not enough on it

Hey na hey nana

Also kid in front of me said “it smells like Texas” and now I’m wondering what smells like Texas and what Texas smells like